Symbian Protocol Analyzer for mobile terminals

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SymPA is a protocol analyzer for mobile phones that allows all the incoming
TCP/IP traffic to be captured without interfering with the normal performance of the
terminal. The main design goals for this tool have been the following:

- To capture all incoming IP packets, while avoiding information overload.
- To perform efficient resource management, according to constraints on power processing and battery life of mobile devices.
- To include basic functions for network management such as ping and tracert.
- To provide interfaces for processing captured information and for exporting it to other environments.

SymPA working diagram

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When SymPA is in capture mode, all IP packets that arrive to the mobile devices
from GPRS/UMTS connections are saved in buffers in raw format. SymPA runs the
background without interfering in the performance of active applications. In parallel,
network parameters are observed periodically. When the capturing session finishes,
the contents of the buffers is stored in files and later adapted to text2pcap input
format, the lipcap format conversion tool is included in the free distribution of the
Ethereal analyzer. The files can be transferred to a computer via USB, infrared or
Bluetooth, depending on the terminal availability of these technologies.
Lipcap files can be analyzed directly with Ethereal, taking advantage of the great
variety of filtering options, statistical analysis and graph generation features of this
application, as depicted in figure.

Scenarios and Use Cases

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In UMTS soft handover allows seamless 
handover. During soft handover, a mobile
station is in the overlapping cell coverage 
area of two sectors belonging to different
base stations. Communication between the 
mobile station and the base station take
place concurrently via two air interface 
channels from each base station separately.
In GSM the macrodiversity cannot be used 
and the communication is interrupted. 
Where interruptions are lengthy, the buffered
packets at network elements can overflow, 
and may result in packets loss. This 
behaviour is depicted in figure. At the same 
time as the handover takes place, the 
receptionof packets stops during 7 seconds. 
After that,the retransmission of packet 
loss is initiated.

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