Behavioural Types and Component Adaptation

A. Brogi, C. Canal, E. Pimentel

Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST’04)

Stirling (United Kingdom), June 2004

Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, LNCS 3116, pp. 42–56, Springer, 2004
ISBN: 3-540-22381-9. ISSN 0302-9743


Component adaptation is widely recognised to be one of the crucial problems in Component-Based Software Engineering. The objective of this paper is to set a formal foundation for the adaptation of heterogeneous components that present mismatching interaction behaviour. The proposed adaptation methodology relies on: (1) the inclusion of behavioural types in component interfaces, to describe the interaction behaviour of components, (2) a simple high-level notation for adaptor specification, to express the intended connection between component interfaces, and (3) a formal definition of adaptor, a component-in-the-middle capable of making two components interoperate successfully according to a given specification. (Draft)