Compositional and Architectural Evolution Issues:
a comparison between JMF and MultiTEL

M. Pinto, M. Amor, C. Canal, L. Fuentes

ECOOP’2001 Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Object/Component Systems (DMMOS’01)

Budapest (Hungary), June 2001

In Proceedings


The growing complexity of Web-based services in general, and multimedia services in particular, makes it necessary to apply engineering methods to their development. In particular, Multimedia Engineering may be considered as the field in Software Engineering which deals with the development of open, reusable and quality multimedia and Web-based software. In this paper we apply two of the current trends in Software Engineering, such as component and framework technologies, to the development of multimedia services over the Web, presenting and comparing different solutions in use today. (Paper)

Note. A short version of this paper was included the workshop report, and publised in Object-Oriented Technology, ECOOP 2001 Workshop Reader, pp 27-28, LNCS 2323, Springer, 2001, ISBN: 3-540-43675-8.