AOP and Dynamic Software Adaptation

J. Cámara, C. Canal, J. Cubo, J.M. Murillo

 JISDB'2006. Taller de Desarrollo de Software Orientado a Aspectos (DSOA'06)

Sitges (Spain), October 2006

En Actas, Informe Técnico TR 24/06. Escuela Politécnica, Universidad de Extremadura, 2006, pp. 27–34.


Abstract. The use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf components in the development of software systems is supposed to result in a reduction of development costs and time by promoting reusability. On the contrary, due to the Black-Box nature they exhibit, the use of COTS products may result in a burden for developers as continuous re-adaptation may be required along the software life-cycle or even at runtime if the nature of the system demands it. In this work we consider AOP techniques and mechanisms in order to alleviate this situation, proposing an AOP-based adaptation framework design. (Paper)