Systematic Component Adaptation

A. Bracciali, A. Brogi, C. Canal

ICALP’2002 Workshop on Formal Methods and Component Interaction (FMCI’02)

Málaga (Spain), July 2002

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 66(4), 17 pp., Elsevier 2002. ISSN 1571-0661


Component adaptation is widely recognised to be one of the crucial problems in Component-Based Software Engineering. We present a formal methodology for adapting components with mismatching interaction behaviour. The four main ingredients of the methodology are: (1) The inclusion of behaviour specifications in component interfaces, (2) a simple, high-level notation for expressing adaptor specifications, (3) a fully automated procedure to derive concrete adaptors from given high-level specifications, and (4) an effective technique for verifying properties of adaptors. (Draft)

 Note. A preliminar version of this work (with the same title) was presented in the 5º Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingeniería de Requisitos y Ambientes Software (IDEAS’2002), La Habana (Cuba), April 2002, In Proceedings, pp. 340–351