Component-Oriented Development of Interactive Systems

C. Canal, L. Fuentes, E. Pimentel, J. M. Troya

I Jornadas Iberoamericanas de Ingeniería de Requisitos y Ambientes Software (IDEAS'98

Torres (Brasil), 1998

En Actas, pp. 14-25


The design of interactive systems involves not only the development of user interfaces, but also the definition of interaction protocols between these interfaces and the rest of the system. The complexity of these tasks comes mainly from the definition of interaction patterns that fulfill initial system requirements. To cope with this complexity, tools and methods are needed. These tools and methods should address the specification and verification of system requirements, and they should also encourage reuse of interaction patterns. A component-oriented approach is very well suited for designing new applications by composing user interfaces and application components. In this paper, we propose the combination of this approach with a formal notation for the development of distributed interactive systems. Following this approach, the construction of new applications will consist on (i) the specification of system requirements, (ii) the definition of system components and their formal specification (iii), thus obtaining a design specification, (iv) the verification of system requirements against system design, and finally, (v) the translation of the interaction patterns of the system to templates written in Java, obtaining so a prototype which will run on the Web. (Paper)