An Object-Oriented Approach to Software Architecture Specification

C. Canal, E. Pimentel, J.M. Troya

ECOOP’97 Workshop for PhD. Students in Object-Oriented Programming (PhDOOS'97)

Jyväskylä (Finland), 1997

Position Papers from the 7th Workshop for PhD. Students in Object-Oriented Systems,
Technical Report DAIMI PB–526, University of Aarhus, 1997, ISSN 0105-8517, pp. 9-16


Software Architecture refers to the level of design in which a system is described as a collection of interconnected components. Most concepts in the object-oriented paradigm can be applied to Software Architecture. On the other hand, process algebras are good candidates for system specification. However, they are low-level notations, which makes difficult its direct application to the specification of complex systems. In this paper we present an Architecture Description Language which combines object-oriented characteristics, such as reusability and inheritance, with the use of process algebras to determine system's compatibility. (Paper)

Note. A short version of this paper with the title An Object-Oriented Architecture Description Language was included the workshop report, and publised in  Object-Oriented Technology, ECOOP’97 Workshop Reader, pp. 422-423, LNCS 1357, Springer, ISBN 3-540-64039-8, ISSN 0302-9743