Issues in the formalization of Web Service Orchestrations

J. Cámara, C. Canal, J. Cubo

ECOOP’2005 Workshop on Coordination and Adaptation Techniques for Software Entities (WCAT’05)

Glasgow (United Kingdom), July 2005

New Issues on Coordination and Adaptation Techniques,
TR 119/2005 LaMI UMR 8042, CNRS / Université d’Évry, pp. 81–88. ISBN 84-688-6782-9


In this paper we outline an approach to the formalization of Web Service composition using WSBPEL (formerly BPEL4WS). Complementing current specification by adding protocol information, and making use of process algebra to model both Web Service and business process dynamic behaviour, we highlight key issues regarding the analysis of Web Service compatibility in the context of a business process managing their interaction. (Paper)