Coordination and Adaptation Techniques: Bridging the Gap between Design and Implementation

S. Becker, C. Canal, N. Diakov, J.M. Murillo, P. Poizat, M. Tivoli

Report on the ECOOP’2006 Workshop on Coordination and Adaptation Techniques for Software Entities (WCAT’06)

Nantes (France), July 2006

Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP 2006 Workshop Reader, LNCS, Springer, (to appear)


Coordination and Adaptation are two key issues when developing complex distributed systems. Coordination focuses on the interatcion among computational entities. Adaptation focuses on the problems raised when the interacting entities do not match properly. This is the report of the third edition of the WCAT workshop, that took place in Nantes jointly with ECOOP 2006. In this third edition, the topics of interest of the participants covered a large number of fields where coordination and adaptation have an impact: models, requirements identfication, interface specification, extrafunctional properties, automatic generation, frameworks, middleware, and tools.