Dynamic Adaptation Using Contextual Environments

J. Cámara, C. Canal, J. Cubo, E. Pimentel

ECOOP’2006 Workshop on Coordination and Adaptation Techniques for Software Entities (WCAT’06)

Nantes (France), July 2006

Coordination and Adaptation Techniques: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Implementation,

Technical Report IBISC RR 2006-03, IBISC - FRE 2873, CNRS / Université d’Évry, pp. 35–32


By dynamic adaptation, we mean the ability to modify an application at run-time. This provides a system with the skill to dynamically alter its behaviour while it is running, depending on the (changing) conditions of the environment. In this work we show how to perform dynamic adaptation by means of contextual environments, which define flexible adaptation policies. Thus, our main goal is to describe a context-dependent mapping between the interfaces of the components being adapted, as opposed to static mappings presented in previous works. We present a case study in order to illustrate the proposal. We also discuss the improvements that our current proposal represents in comparison with previous works, as well as some open issues. (Paper)