Adding protocol information to CORBA IDLs

C. Canal, L. Fuentes, A. Vallecillo

ECOOP’2000 Workshop on Object Interoperability (WOI'00)

Sophia Anthipolis (France), June 2000

New Issues in Object Interoperability, Selected Papers, pp. 13–24,
Universidad de Extremadura, 2000. ISBN: 84-699-2538-5


Traditional IDLs were define for describing the services that objects offer, but not those services they require from other objets, nor the partial ordering in which they expect their methods to be used, In this position paper we present an extension of the CORBA IDL that uses a sugared subset of the polyadic p-calculus for describing objects service protocols, aimed towards, the automated checking of protocol interoperatibility between CORBA objects in open component-based environments. (Paper)

Note. This position paper is a reduced version of Extending CORBA interfaces with p-calculus for protocol compatibility, Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems, pp. 208–225, IEEE Computer Society, 2000.

Note. A short version of this paper was included the workshop report, and publised in Object-Oriented Technology, ECOOP’2000 Workshop Reader, pp. 260–261, LNCS 1964, Springer, 2000, ISBN 3-540-41513-0.