Extending IDLs with p-calculus for Protocol Compatibility

C. Canal, L. Fuentes, A. Vallecillo

ECOOP’99 Workshop on Object Interoperability (WOI'99)

Lisbon (Portugal), June 1999

Object Interoperability, Selected Papers, pp. 13-24, Universidad de Málaga, 1999, ISBN 84-699-0520-1


Traditional IDLs present some limitations, since they were defined for describing the services that objects offer, but not those services they require from other objects, nor the partial ordering in which their services are expected to be used. In this paper we propose an IDL extension that uses a subset of p-calculus for describing objects service protocols. Our approach can be also used in a component-oriented environment for automated checking of protocol interoperability between objects. This is supported by a platform that controls the dynamic composition of components. (Paper)

Note. A short version of this paper was included the workshop report, and publised in Object-Oriented Technology, ECOOP’99 Workshop Reader, pp. 5-6, LNCS 1743, Springer, 1999, ISBN 3-540-66954-X. ISSN 0302-9743