Applying Memetic Algorithms to the Analysis of Microarray Data

C. Cotta, A.S. Mendes, V. García, P. França, P. Moscato

Applications of Evolutionary Computing, G. Raidl et al. (eds.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2611, pp. 22-32, Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2002 (EvoBIO'03 best paper award)

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This work deals with the application of Memetic Algorithms to the Microarray Gene Ordering problem, a NP-hard problem with strong implications in Medicine and Biology. It consists in ordering a set of genes, grouping together the ones with similar behavior. We propose a MA, and evaluate the influence of several features, such as the intensity of local searches and the utilization of multiple populations, in the performance of the MA. We also analyze the impact of different objective functions on the general aspect of the solutions. The instances used for experimentation are extracted from the literature and represent real biological systems.

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