Appdaptivity: An Internet of Things Device-Decoupled System for Portable Applications in Changing Contexts


Currently, applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) are tightly coupled to the underlying physical devices. As a consequence, upon adding a device, device replacement or user’s relocation to a different physical space, application developers have to re-perform installation and configuration processes to reconfigure applications, which bears costs in time and knowledge of low-level details. In the emerging IoT field, this issue is even more challenging due to its current unpredictable growth in term of applications and connected devices. In addition, IoT applications can be personalised to each end user and can be present in different environments. As a result, IoT scenarios are very changeable, presenting a challenge for IoT applications. In this paper we present Appdaptivity, a system that enables the development of portable device-decoupled applications that can be adapted to changing contexts. Through Appdaptivity, application developers can intuitively create portable and personalised applications, disengaging from the underlying physical infrastructure. Results confirms a good scalability of the system in terms of connected users and components involved.