Adaptive Systems for Web-Based Education: Tools and reusability

Workshop at AIED 2005
12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
18-22 July
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


 Important dates:

  •  Deadline for paper submissions: April 20 

  •  Paper acceptance notification: May 16 

  •  Deadline for camera-ready papers: May 23

  •  Workshop day: July 18

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Workshop motivation

Web-based education is currently a hot research and development area. Benefits of Web-based education are clear at hand: learners from all over the world can enroll in learning activities, communicate with other students or teachers, can discuss and control their learning progress - solely based on an internet-capable computer.  A challenging research goal is to tailor the access to web-based education systems to the individual learners' needs, as determined by such factors as their previous knowledge on the subject, their learning style, their general attitude and/or their cultural or linguistic background. A number of Web-based adaptive and intelligent systems have been developed over the last 5 years. However, a larger variety of innovative systems can still be created and evaluated to provide a real difference in E-Learning.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of recent trends and perspectives in adaptive systems for web-based education, and thus to continue the series of workshops on this topic held at past conferences.   


The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adaptive and intelligent web-based collaborative learning systems

  • Web-based adaptive educational hypermedia

  • Web-based Intelligent tutoring systems

  • Adaptive Web-based testing

  • Web-based Intelligent class monitoring systems

  • Adaptive and intelligent information retrieval systems for web-based educational materials

  • Personalization in educational digital libraries

  • Architectures for adaptive web-based educational systems.

  • Using machine learning techniques to improve the outcomes of Web-based educational processes

  • Using semantic web technologies for adaptive e-learning

  • Reusability and self-organisation techniques for educational material

  • Interoperability between tools and systems for adaptive e-learning

  • Pedagogical approaches in web-based educational systems


Papers will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Full papers (8 pages)

  • Demonstrations/posters (4 pages)

Submissions must:

  • Be formatted according to IOS Press requirements, as specified at the AIED submission site.  

  • Include: title, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), mailing and electronic addresses, telephone and fax numbers.

  • Be sent through the submission site

Accepted papers will be available through the workshop website before the conference, and published in separate workshop proceedings.
Two of the previous workshops on this subject have served as a basis for two journal special issues (see IJAIED v.12 and v.13). We intend to continue this tradition, inviting best workshop papers to be submitted to a special issue of a relevant journal.

Organizing Comittee

  Peter Brusilovsky

University of Pittsburgh

peterb (at)

  Ricardo Conejo

University of Málaga

conejo (at)

  Eva Millán

University of Málaga

eva (at)

Program Committee

  Susan Bull

University of Birmingham

s.bull (at)

 Peter Dolog

University of Hannover

dolog (at)

 Jon Dron

University of Brighton.

jon.dron (at)

 Maria Grigoriadou

University of Athens

gregor (at)

 Nicola Henze

University of Hannover

henze (at)

 Judy Kay

University of Sydney

judy (at)

 Jaakko Kurhila

University of Helsinki

jaakkokurhila (at)

 Judith Masthoff

University of Aberdeen

jmasthoff (at)

 Tanya Mitrovic

University of Canterbury

t.mitrovic (at)

 Demetrios Sampson

University of Piraeus

sampson (at)

 Amy Soller

Institute for Defense Analyses,Virginia

asoller (at)