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Ezequiel López-Rubio personal web page

Professor of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

MSc in Computer Engineering (1999)
PhD in Computer Engineering (2002)
MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2010)
MSc in Logic, History and Philosophy of Science (2016)

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Ezequiel López-Rubio


Universidad de Málaga
Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación
Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 35. Campus de Teatinos.
29071 Málaga. (Spain)

Telephone: 952137155
Fax: 952131397
email: ezeqlr "at" (substitute "at" by @) 
Room: 3.2.42


Principal Components Analysis Self-Organizing Map (PCASOM)

Multivariate Student-t Self-Organizing Map (TSOM)  

Probabilistic Principal Components Analysis Self-Organizing Map (PPCASOM)

Qualitative Data Self-Organizing Map (QDSOM)

Heavily Damaged Image Reconstructor (HDIR)

Stochastic approximation for background modelling

Probabilistic self-organizing maps for continuous data

Kernel regression based feature extraction for 3D MR image denoising

Growing Hierarchical Probabilistic Self-Organizing Graphs (GHPSOG)

Mixtures of Multivariate Elliptical Distributions (MMED)

Foreground detection in video sequences with probabilistic self-organizing maps

Soft clustering for nonparametric probability density function estimation

Adaptive kernel regression and probabilistic self-organzing maps for JPEG image deblocking

Improving the quality of self-organizing maps by self-intersection avoidance

A histogram transform for probability density function estimation

An adaptive system for compressed video deblocking

Bregman divergences for growing hierarchical self-organizing networks

Grid topologies for the self-organizing map

Robust Self-Organization with M-Estimators

Probability density function estimation with the frequency polygon transform

Features for stochastic approximation based foreground detection

Local color transformation analysis for sudden illumination change detection

Foreground detection for moving cameras with stochastic approximation

Super-Resolution from a single noisy image by the median filter transform

Learning Topologies with the Growing Neural Forest

Robust Fitting of Ellipsoids by Separating Interior and Exterior Points During Optimization

Foreground Detection by Competitive Learning for Varying Input Distributions

A fast robust geometric fitting method for parabolic curves


 Teoría de Autómatas y Lenguajes Formales (in Spanish)  

Investigación Operativa de Sistemas (in Spanish)

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