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Lawrence Mandow Andaluz

Contact information

Despacho 3.2.38

ETSI Informática. Complejo Tecnológico

Departamento de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación

University of Málaga

Bulevar Luis Pasteur 35

29071 - Málaga (Spain)

Phone: (+34) 952.13.33.02

FAX: (+34) 952.13.13.97



·        Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering

·        Operational Research

·        Theoretical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence


·        Heuristic Search

·        Multicriteria Decision Theory

·        Artificial Intelligence in Design

·        Reinforcement learning


Ten selected research papers:

Check my DBLP entry to find bibtex references and other useful information about some of my papers listed there.

L. Mandow y J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2004): SINDI: An intelligent assistant for highway design Expert Systems with Applications, 27(2004) 635-644.

L. Mandow y J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2005): A New Approach to Multiobjective A* Search. In: Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-05), 218-223.

L. Mandow y J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2008) Frontier Search for Bicriterion Shortest Path Problems In: ECAI 2008 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2008) 480-484.

L. Mandow y J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2009): A Memory-Efficient Search Strategy for Multiobjective Shortest Path Problems In: KI 2009: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, LNAI 5803, pp. 25-32. B Mertsching, M. Hund, Z. Aziz (Eds.).

L. Mandow y J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2010): Multiobjective A* search with Consistent Heuristics.  Journal of the ACM, Vol. 57, No. 5, Article 27, June 2010.

E. Machuca, L. Mandow, J.L. Pérez de la Cruz y A. Ruiz-Sepulveda (2012): A Comparison of Heuristic Best-First Algorithms for Bicriterion Shortest Path Problems. European Journal of Operational Research, vol. 217, issue 1, 16 Feb 2012, 44-53.

P. Sanders, L. Mandow (2013): Parallel Label-Setting Multi-objective Shortest Path Search. IPDPS 2013: 215-224

José-Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz, Lorenzo Mandow, Enrique Machuca (2013): A Case of Pathology in Multiobjective Heuristic Search. Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) 48: 717-732 (2013)

F. Pulido, L. Mandow and J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2014): Multiobjective Shortest Path Problems with Lexicographic Goal-based Preferences. European Journal of Operational Research 239 (2014), 89-101.

                                 The set of benchmark problems used in this paper can be found here.

F. Pulido, L. Mandow and J.L. Pérez de la Cruz (2015): Dimensionality reduction in multiobjective shortest path search. Computers & Operations Research 64 (2015) 60-70.


PhD Students:

Enrique Machuca (PhD defence: July 2012): An analysis of some algorithms and heuristics for multiobjective graph search.

Francisco J. Pulido Arrebola (PhD defence: July 2015): New techniques and algorithms for multiobjective and lexicographic goal-based shortest path problems.

Javier Coego Botana (PhD defence: December 2015): Algoritmos de búsqueda con retroceso para problemas multicriterio (in Spanish).


Some Research Projects:

ALEF: Efficient Algorithms for Multicriteria Heuristic Search.

Funded by: Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresa, Junta de Andalucía (Spain) – Proyecto de Investigación de Excelencia P07-TIC-03018. Period: 2008-2012.

NTIDAPA: New Intelligent Decision Techniques Applied to Architectural Design

Funded by: Plan Nacional de I+D+i, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Spain) – TIN2009-14179. Period: 2010-2012


Some Services to the Academic Community:

·        PC Vice-chair: CAEPIA'09

·        Area Chair: IBERAMIA'2008

·        Co-organizer of the invited session 'Multicriteria shortest path problems: theory and applications', in MCDM'2013.

·        PC Member: IJCAI (2007, 2011, 2016), ECAI(2010, 2016), CAEPIA(2003, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2015), TTIA’2010, IBERAMIA’2010, SoCS (2011, 2012).

·        Local committee member: CAEPIA'97, AH'2002

·        Scientific Editor: Inteligencia Artificial (Iberoamerican AI Journal): 4/2003-3/2006

·        Editor in chief: Inteligencia Artificial (Iberoamerican AI Journal): 3/2006-11/2009

·        Editorial Board: Inteligencia Artificial (Iberoamerican AI Journal): 10/2010-current

·        Member of the Executive Committee of AEPIA:(Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence) 2001-2009


Educational resources (free software)

·        AIDA-UMA: Graph search algorithms simulator (A*, IDA*, and more) (in Common Lisp).

·        SLID-CLIPS: A really basic simulator for a really simple rule-based reactive robot (in CLIPS).


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