Prof. Lidia Fuentes received her MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Málaga (Spain) in 1992 and her PhD in Computer Science in 1998 from the same University. She is Full Professor at the Department of Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación of the University of Málaga and she is the head of the CAOSD research group. A short cv can be downloaded here.

Research interests

Dynamic reconfiguration

Over last few years I have contributed to the field with different approaches for developing self-adaptive systems presented in three thesis. These approaches successfully apply dynamic software product line, models@runtime and agent-oriented technologies.

Green Software Engineering

I am currently involved in the development of a reusable repository of energy consuming concerns, to help designers to develop energy-efficient applications. This work is aligned with the Energy Aware Software Engineering discipline with the goal of producing energy efficient software systems.

Software Architecture

My work has primarily focused on Software Architecture. Indeed, I have supervised work where some Architecture Description Languages (e.g., AO-ADL, DAOP-ADL) and Domain Specific Languages (e.g., VML) have been defined. My main concern has always been to improve software architecture modularity principally through Aspect-oriented Software Development (AOSD) technologies.

Industrial applications

Throughout my teaching career, one of my main areas of expertise has been communication networks. This has motivated me to apply advanced Software Engineering technologies to the distributed systems domain. More specifically, I have proposed a middleware, an agent platform and several applications in the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT), Future Internet, Ambient Inteligence, AAL, ITS, mobile phones and sensors for an inteligent museum, to name a few.

Software Product Line Engineering

I have applied the SPL and dynamic SPL (DSPL) technologies to model a family of self-adaptive middleware (FamiWare), a family of Functional Quality Attributes and a family of self-adaptive agents, among others.

Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

Another of my research topics is the application of advanced software engineering techniques (e.g., model driven development) to the development of autonomous self-managed agents for the Internet of Things (e.g., Malaca, Self-starMAS).

Research projects

Here I present an overview of some of the research projects I have led as principal investigator.

Inter-trust project

The Inter-trust project is a European project that applies aspect-oriented technologies to distributed applications running in any kind of device to enforce dynamic security policies.

AMPLE project

The AMPLE project is a European project that combines software product line, model driven and aspect-oriented technologies.

AOSD-Europe project

The AOSD-Europe network of excellence (NoE) is a European project that defines a methodology and a set of tools to develop aspect-oriented applications.

Other projects

I have supervised several national and international projects concerning aspect-orientation and software product lines applied to different application domains such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), sensor networks, software agents and energy-efficient applications.


My scientific production has been highly prolific so far, with more than two hundred scientific publications in international forums, including around fifty publications indexed in JCR such as IEEE Internet Computing, IEEE Software, IEEE Transactions on SW Engineering, Information and Software Technology, Journal of Systems and Software or Personal and Ubiquitous Computing.

These publications are highly cited, with more than two thousand citations to date. My H-index is 27 (Google Scholar). I have co-authored three papers that have received the best-paper award at prestigious conferences (MATES 2016, ICSR 2011 and ECMDA 2007), and co-authored around thirty papers with eleven international groups. Some co-authors include Awais Rashid (Uni. Lancaster, UK), Alexander Egyed (Kepler University of Linz, Austria), Steffen Zschaler (King’s College, UK), Ana Moreira (UNL, Portugal), and Siobhán Clarke (TCD, Ireland), to name a few.

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Conference participation

I have had the great honor of helping to organize several international conferences as chair or as member of the program committee or steering committee.

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