Orlando hosts the fifth IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2014). This international event brings together at one location several symposia running concurrently, each highlighting various aspects of computational intelligence, and will attract top researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world  to discuss the latest advances in the field of computational intelligence.

Computational intelligence techniques have proven useful after numerous applications in real world problems. However, there is much work to be done in order to fully understand the theoretical foundations of such techniques.  IEEE FOCI'14, provides an ideal forum for those who are interested in the fundamental issues of computational intelligence to exchange their ideas and present their latest findings. 

IEEE FOCI’14 will focus on fundamental theoretical and practical foundations of computational intelligence, including but not limited to neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, and other machine learning methods. The symposium will put equal emphasis on theoretical and practical work as long as it addresses the foundations of computational intelligence.

As usual in the previous SSCI editions, the proceedings will be included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

Programme Chairs:

Carlos Cotta
Leonardo Franco
Manuel Ojeda-Aciego


IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computational Intelligence
affiliated to IEEE SSCI 2014
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

December 9 - 12, 2014

Martin Anthony, UK

Juan Luis Castro Peña, Spain

Bhaskar DasGupta,USA

Enrique Domínguez Merino, Spain

David Elizondo, UK

César Hervás, Spain

Samuelson W. Hong, China

José Jerez Aragonés, Spain

Paulo Lisboa, UK

M.Daniela López de Luise, Argentina

Ezequiel López Rubio, Spain

Francesco Masulli, Italy

Marco Muselli, Italy

Juan Pablo Neirotti, UK

J.M. Ortiz de Lazcano Lobato, Spain

Peter Sussner, Brazil

Francisco Veredas, Spain

                              Programme Committee (tentative)

Ajith Abraham, USA

Michael Affenzeller, Austria

Jhon E. Amaya, Venezuela

B.V. Babu, India

Valentina Balas, Romania

Uday Chakraborty, USA

Tianshi Chen, China

Ying-Ping Chen, Taiwan

Sung-Bae Cho, Korea

Fernando Leiva, Spain

Antonio J. Fernández, Spain

Francisco Herrera, Spain

Sami Khuri, USA

José A. Lozano, Spain

Manuel Lozano, Spain

Pietro Oliveto, UK

Helena Ramalhinho, Spain