Apps developed/modified

  • CryptoApp CryptoApp

    A Crypto application has been deployed selected cryptographic primitives. The goal of this application is to execute the cryptographic primitives. The primitive to be evaluated will be between two commands that activate and deactivate the profiling service of our PowerTutor application. The activation process sends a string that represents the cryptographic primitive to be evaluated. The string will be the name of the the log file that will be stored automatically when the profiling service is deactivate. In this way, the Powertutor application is used without the user interaction and the evaluation can be automatized.

  • Powertutor Modified apk

    Our energy profiling tool is based on the PowerTutor project. Basically, PowerTutor is an Android application to profile energy consumption based on the CPU, network interface, display, and GPS elements. The application uses a theoretical energy model built exclusively for three phone models: HTC G1, HTC G2 and Nexus one. We initially considered the use of the TrephProfiler application, because power profiling is available for all devices with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. However, energy profiling at the method level does not work properly in TrephProfiler for short duration metnods, as is our case.

Crypto Consumption

Accepted in IEEE Access Journal.

Our ultimate goal is to help Android application developers, especially those who are not experts in security, to choose the most energy efficient cryptographic algorithms considering different security providers and security transformations. Information to make a trade-off between energy and time consumption is also provided, being especially useful when the differences in energy consumption of different alternatives is not so significant. We have conducted our experiments with an energy profiling tool based on the PowerTutor application, which has been adapted to automate the energy profiling. Our results show that this type of power consumption studies are necessary, because selecting the most energy efficient configuration depends on many factors, and some of the choices are not obvious to developers.

The application has been tested in a Nexus One smartphone. Raw data set raw data set from PowerTutor (142 MB).