Rodrigo Román Castro


Research Projects
  • Spanish - (collaborator)
  • SPRINT "Security Services PlatfoRm for the INternet of Things"
  • ARES "Advanced Reserch on Information Security and Privacy"
  • European - (collaborator)
  • Feel@Home "Full Extended Experience of living at Home" (CP5-008)
  • SMEPP "Secure Middleware for Embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems" (FP6-2005-IST-5)
  • UBISEC "Ubiquitous Networks with a Secure Provision of Services, Access, and Content Delivery" (ST-506926)
  • Spanish - (collaborator)
  • CRISIS "CRitical Information Infrastructures Security based on Internetworking Sensors"
  • OSAMI "Open Source Ambient Intelligence" (TSI-020400-2008-114)
  • PROTECT-IC "Tecnologías para la protección de infraestructuras críticas ante ciberataques" (TSI-020400-2008-46)

(Last update: June 2011)