Model-Driven Web Engineering
(MDWE 2006)

In conjunction with ICWE 2006
July 11, 2006
Standford Linear Accelerator Center
Palo Alto, California

Workshop Schedule

The workshop is divided into four sessions, each of 90 minutes. The proposed contents of each session are as follows.




Introduction and welcome

Wentzlaff, Specker, "Pattern Based Development of User Friendly Web Applications"
Barrett, "Model Driven Design of Distribution Patterns for Web Service Compositions"


 Coffee break


Koch, "Transformation Techniques in the Model-Driven Development Process of UWE"

Moreno, Fraternalli, Vallecillo, "A UML 2.0 Profile for WebML Modeling"

Schauerhuber, Wimmer, Kapsammer, "Bridging existing Web Modeling Languages to Model- Driven Engineering: A Metamodel for WebML"




SchulzHofen, Golega, "Generating Web applications from Process Models"

Jakob, Schwarz, Kaiser, Mitschang, "Towards an operational model for generated web applications"
Fu, Dong, He, "Formalizing and Validating UML Architecture description of Web systems"


 Coffee break


Identification of issues for discussion
Discussions and presentation of results

Conclusions and farewell


Recommendations to presenters

Participants are strongly encouraged to read the Workshop papers in advance in order to know other people's proposals, and therefore have fruitful discussions during the workshop.

Each paper has been allocated a 25 minutes slot: 15-20' for presentation, and 5-10' for questions. Please do bear in mind that you only have up to 20' for presenting your paper when preparing your presentation (which roughly means 15-20 slides). Session chairs will be very strict with the duration of the presentations.

There will be a PC and a data projector at the workshop for you to present your paper. You could either take your personal computer with you and connect it to the projector, or produce a PowerPoint or PDF version of your presentation to be displayed from the PC at the workshop. Please use either a CD or a USB flash memory stick to transfer the file with your presentation to that PC. Floppy disks or other kinds of media are discouraged since the computer at the room may not be able to read them.



The ICWE 2006 organization has agreed with the ACM to publish ICWE 2006 workshop papers in the ACM Digital Library, after the conference and with their own ISBN.

MDWE 2006 papers that have been accepted for publication in the MDWE 2006 workshop proceedings will therefore be published in the ACM Digital Library after the conference.


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