REC III is part of the 8th International Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its applications (WRLA 2010)

Previous competitions:
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3rd Rewrite Engines Competition (REC III)

As part of WRLA'06, the first rewrite engines competition was celebrated. With it, the rewrite engines competition project started, to be celebrated together with the workshop (every two years). In its first edition, only Maude and ASF+SDF participated, but a significant number of rewriting problems were already collected.

In the 2nd REC (celebrated as part of WRLA'08), there were five participants, namely ASF/SDF,  Maude, Stratego/XT, TermWare, and Tom.

One of the first conclusions of the competition is that there is no winner. Each of the engines focusses on very specific problems, and they are very good at them. The competition is more a way of showing the different systems and their respective strongnesses to the community. We found the competition very illustrative, for newcomers and the community in general, since it allows us to see the variaty of languages available, being able to choose the right language for each kind of application. 

The aim of this web site is to provide information on the competition, including links to the participating rewriting engines, sets of interesting problems for rewriting engines (to be used in the competition), and its results. The details of the this 3rd competition, together with its results and conclusions, will be presented at the WRLA'10, and, as in previous editions, a paper on it will be part of the proceedings of the workshop.

In REC II, all the problems proposed were written using a very simple rewriting language REC. As an additional problem we proposed the implementation in the participating systems of a program transforming REC programs into the corresponding languages. This allowed us to automate the execution of the different problems in most of the participating systems.

This are the problems for the competition:

Descriptions, results and conclusions on the previous competitions can be found in the following papers:

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