USEME Framework Description

USEME framework is a service-oriented framework that acts as a middleware layer on top of the mote operating system and provides a higher level programming language that the programmer can use to develop applications. In addition, it can be executed on different platforms. Many complex tasks are managed automatically by USEME middleware such as routing, publish/discover, communication protocols. Besides USEME combines macro-programming and node-centric paradigms in order to ease the programmer tasks.

USEME framework schema

The creation of an application in USEME framework requires two steps. In the first one the global behavior and structure of the network (the services our application have) is specified using a special language (USEME abstract language). From that specification a skeleton is automatically generated. In the second and final step the programmer only have to define the specific behavior of each service using the platform native language. The final application will run on top of USEME middleware and will communicate the different nodes we have deployed in the network with each other. This communication is done via means of services by linking service providers with service requires.